You give freedom to animals!

I think that my readers, having read the name of this record of the blog, decided that her founder was mistaken the website a little. After all «On Repair» it is not connected in any way with animals. And, most likely, it will be better to founder to publish this note for any the zoological website. But is not present. I was not mistaken the website, my dear readers. Even I will tell to you more. Conversation will go on a subject which specifically concerns my specialization. And it is concrete, about rolled curtains.

But at what after all here freedom of animals – you ask. I will at present explain. Only give not to a descent, and about everything one after another.

It is necessary to consider that actually at each of you lives houses or a cat, or a dog. I think, also, that far not each small animal is able to open interroom doors. And after all there are cats who walk to walk on the street. Nobody gets tired, opening and closing doors behind animals? And, perhaps, much would like, that the animal opened a door without the aid of others.

You give freedom to animals!

To chagrin, in it to train a cat or a dog hardly can be. But here to make open access of a room in a room it it is simple. I, when was in one European country, saw one quite fascinating element in the apartment located on a ground floor. And it is concrete, the part of a window was cut out, and on its place something is established like vertical gate. Through it the master’s cat ran on the street to walk. At what, this gate was not locked by the lock. To open it, to a cat was to rest an attractive face enough.

Reflecting how this thing is useful, I also thought that far not everyone would venture in our country to make such convenience to an animal. As they say, mentality not that. Well also it is not necessary to give «редискам» hope of easy access to the apartment. Therefore, to me came to mind thought to improve this element. And I successfully realized it in one personal suburban house at which owners there lived three cats.

In what after all there was an essence of improvement? In fact, excellent I did not invent anything. And simply suggested to change this gate for small rolling shutters or rolled curtains. Rolling shutters were established in an entrance door. And rolled curtains – in interroom.

Obviously, everything was made personally, under the order. Both cloths, and moving mechanisms. But in it there was nothing difficult. Here with what really it was necessary to tinker, so it with opening system. And this discrepancy was solved. About a door the narrow strip was sent away by pressing on which cat’s door revealed. Taking in attention weight of a cat, it was necessary to increase sensitivity of the mechanism.