World behind the looking-glass in the Hi-tech style

Mirrors strong entered into our life many years back and to an apparent time became its integral part. They already long since are not simply household subject – without reflecting surfaces not to manage, for example, in the car – and telekospostroyeniya, in medicine and many other branches. And our grandmothers by means of a mirror the voobshchy tried to tell the fortunes and have a look at the promised.

The new device from the James Law Cybertecture company – Cybertecture Mirror – destiny to you, naturally, will not open, but on its mirror plane it is possible to behold mass of other entertaining things except own reflection.

World behind the looking-glass in the Hi-tech style
The wonderful mirror (and on another it also you will not call) will show also air temperature in a room, both the current date, and a calendar, and time – thanks to the integrated hours. And about the person standing opposite, it "knows" everything – from growth and weight to a horoscope. Besides the device is equipped with wi-fi and a stereo loudspeakers.

But it is not necessary to fear that because of wealth of all this инфы it will be difficult to consider itself. Absolutely not. The control panel comes into a set of Cybertecture Mirror, and by means of an enclosed aaplet and the home computer it can be adjusted how is comfortable.

Clever "glass" will manage to tell to you about new messages of electric mail, to display the freshest announcements or the loved photos, also to give the help that is time to go on work or to pull out a pie from an oven.
Thanks to that the novelty is not afraid neither waters, nor pair, it is suitable both for kitchen, and for a bathroom.

Actually, "James Law Cybertecture" represents not simply a mirror, and actually the computer operated by the operating system. And cost on this magic is high – about 7 тыщ dollars.