Work on an interjer surrounding a window

Planning repair, we usually represent the final result at quite rough stage of furnish (gypsum cardboard, a tile, bathroom equipment) and we forget that the final stage though what repair is a room accomplishment. It would be desirable Work on an interjer surrounding a window
to have a talk about an upclassing of an internal room, and specifically the region of a window. Florets, shor, curtains what I faced, carrying out the last order. Was necessary to learn the question in a place and it would be desirable to share the knowledge.

Usually, shor steal up on color, and as on the size and a form (rather short and on all wall), and curtains direct or with folds. Not an unimportant role the material, but it purely plays also a question of material abilities. The material as is important is dependent on that for what room curtains, for a bedroom – silk, for kitchen wool are provided.

More successful option I would call thin curtains and thick shor. But thin exactly on so many that after all not to allow to survey an internal interior of the apartment from the street. Choose them often to match floors, walls, a window, a window sill and the battery.

We скооперировали the color score, and at us left approximately the subsequent. It is the traditional style of design suitable for the majority of types a shor. In particular it is recommended to select, such makary, shor and curtains for the nursery, putting the main emphasis on a practicality. But, I wish to see as looks if shor not being combined with color of a sexual covering more awfully.

Work on an interjer surrounding a window

Meanwhile in the nursery and in kitchen hang up dense, rather short, prakticheny, easy curtains without drawings. It becomes on purpose to prolong their durability.

The best shor and curtains are made by Asia and Europe. Under all models and versions table silver which she is recommended to establish on a coffee table near perfectly approaches. And in the termination I recommend to direct special attention on a window ornament therefore as it is final dab in a picture though what room