When an abundance of styles – base of an interior

When an abundance of styles - base of an interior
For what we go to restaurants? The answer, apparently, is obvious: to indulge itself and to eat tasty food, good from usual to us a diet. But the special, "not house" atmosphere has huge value also. And to allocate the institution from тыщ others, it is necessary designers perfectly натужить brains.

We knew to you about the most various restaurants – oddish, unusual, magnificent, but design of Dutch «Fabbrica Bergen», perhaps, surpassed everything, videnny us earlier. Founders of this project are designers from Tjep studio which truly tried, creating a unique and creative interior of lunch halls. Here everything balances on a narrow side between various styles, in the main thing, hi-tech, a miniatyurizm and a country. Hardly this When an abundance of styles - base of an interior
eclectic design leaves someone flegmantichny.

Certain halls are issued in the spirit of «distant wanderings» – dining tables are placed in the niches which are so reminding a compartment of trains. Two benches regiments, a small little table, are even a hand-rail not to fall down during "movement"! As bright contrast train romanticism is served by completely traditional lighting device. Other halls remind When an abundance of styles - base of an interior
the wood chalets created for quick перекуса. Here all as though is made "quick": lamps without the lamp shades, hanging down directly on wires, the usual furniture and supplies of firewood – in the wood happens cold, in particular in the winter. Is and more "sound" rooms, with thorough wood furniture and ridiculous patterns on walls. And here deliberate roughness of subjects of a situation is observed.

About that all this negligence is laboriously obmyslenny design course, expensive furnish – skin, crystal, the mosaic of "Bisazza" decorating powerful furnaces for a pizza says.