We water florets with comfort

I think, there is no that person who would not dream to hold houses florets. However, it is far not at everyone leaves behind them to look after. People reflect that florets are very undemanding. Bought, put in a pot on a window and forgot. But it is far not so. In fact florets are very exacting to a leaving question. They need continuous change, top dressing, and, of course, watering. Here about watering system we also will stop more carefully.

To descent I will tell that hardly this note will bring practical advantage to at whom floriculture is limited to several flowers. But it will be very useful to people who live in personal houses where florets are placed on all area. Can to me it seems so, and can indeed. But the more the apartment or the house, the is more than plant in it. For example, the small tree in houses of squares on 300 it is far not uniqueness.

We water florets with comfort

It is a question of such copies

So, I think, all will agree what to bypass the house in some floors, watering all florets – business painful. Here it is necessary to add that is far not to each flower enough some tablespoons of water. Than it is more in the sizes, more water to it is required to those every day. And here or quite often to run to a water source, or to drag with itself a l bottle. so on 5 that too is not always pleasant.

I suggest to solve a question of watering of water in the bolshenny house a uniform move – to carry out to each pot a water supply system. Naturally, in a standard all this to do during repair. In other words, for a long time till that day when there will be florets in the house. I understand that then still not everyone can far know, where also what flower at it will stand. But, in that case it is necessary to ponder this question well. After all the answer to it will allow to make life in the house more comfortable.

The water supply system which I suggest to stretch, will represent nothing the special. The same pipes, as in a bathroom, kitchen or a toilet. Only they here will come to the end with a watering can which nouse should look in a pot.

In a standard after repair with you should remain in those places where the florets which are sticking out of walls cranes are planned. You connect flexible hoses on which ends the watering can will be got to them.

Not to run from a flower to a flower. I recommend to make here that. To break florets into groups, according to the sizes. To each group – own general control lever. It is better, that earth level in a pot well and pots were approximately similar. Adjust a water pressure by means of the individual flower crane. Also have a look, how many seconds leave on watering. Such makary, you can open one general crane for some seconds, watering a descent many flowers.