We protect mirrors

Sliding wardrobes now can be beheld actually in each apartment. Their main advantage is their doors. Such system of opening allows to save up revenge in a significant measure. In particular in a corridor which for frequent happens it is quite rather narrow. And to swing in it doors simply not from a hand.

You can present a corridor without a mirror? Personally I cannot. When we with the spouse equipped our apartment, she insisted on that in a corridor there was a mirror to the floor. Found a compromise – made a sliding wardrobe, as well as planned, but with mirror doors. The size impressing left. Meters 5, for certain, in the length. And meter in two and a half height. And this actually continuous mirror cloth.

Once, absolutely a case, I спотыкнулся in a corridor also am sensitive was did not fall to this mirror cloth. I represent that would be, if I in own weight squeeze out a mirror. And here I for the first time reflected that it would be good to protect such designs. After all even I, the adult person, almost did not break huge glass. And what to do, if in a family the child or even kids? And they adore попроказничать.

We protect mirrors

Differ nothing from that at a window, unless a material

In a word, I drew a conclusion that that sort of a design should be firmly protected. And on other descent after installation of that case it is possible to start to accumulate for glass change.

And again rolling shutters to the aid come. Generally that, it is possible to make and traditional, from iron lamely. But, I think that it will be not completely esthetic. And, why, on my look it is better to take wood laths, to each of which behind will be приверчена iron. And a wood cloth or to throw such as is that outside too it is very good. Or to paint somehow. It already matter of taste.

Case walls, lateral, also a ceiling and a floor are a little pushed forward. The distance from the edge to a door should be by my calculations about 10 see. Along the edges of the extended walls of a case it is necessary to establish directing which will provide movement ролетов. Above, obviously, the box in which develop ролеты is established.

Owing to that on for itself ролеты not such and languid, it is completely possible to establish somewhere on top of a case a small electronic drive which would lift them and lowered by button pressing.

I think, opening and closing does not deliver troubles. The it is more that the mirror in a corridor is used not and is frequent.