We mount eaves without the aid of others

The eaves are one of room bodies. How well it is mounted, the external shape of a room, possibility and convenience of fixing on eaves of different curtains depends.

We mount eaves without the aid of others
Modern eaves allow to strengthen fabric cloths in one or several ranks, to open or close any of them. Badly picked up and established eaves are capable to spoil even the most expensive curtains. Producers distinguish designs of eaves on a material from which products are executed. It can be iron, wood or plastic eaves of a various form. Products from a tree and at present remain in a fashion. Usually a color of wood breed choose to match a parquet, furniture or door it is dense.

Iron eaves mix up with modern furniture and the rooms issued in modernist style better. Soon unusual popularity is received by products from a thick iron wire. The ordinary eaves executed in the form of an iron stick are necessary also. Plastic eaves can be called the cheap candidate of the wood.
Specialists show some requirements to designs. First of all, the eaves should own sufficient durability to sustain weight of cloths. Also it should belong besides to style, as curtains which will close a window gleam. Often builders and designers put ahead of themselves a problem visually to develop a window gleam in a room.
Producers let out eaves – directing and bars (round products) which have the features.

In that case specialists buy wider eaves on which the curtains closing not only only a window and a part of a wall will be located. If you suffer from extremely huge windows, eaves choose precisely on width of a window. Many people prefer curtains from lambrequins. If you too like this option that the eaves are strengthened under the ceiling that the lambrequin did not close a part of the window.
In most cases eaves fix is sensitive above a window aperture. It is necessary, that it was possible to open and wash all shutters of a window freely. Eaves usually fix on fastenings, but it is possible to use and more perfect technologies. Designs mount under the ceiling. From both parties "stick" should be armed with decorative knobs.

Eaves strings now meet less often, but the enterprises try to present them the second life. Such eaves with ease can be hidden under a fabric of curtains. Elements can be fixed only on concrete and brick walls. Gipsokartonnye partitions will not sustain weight of cloths.