We glue two! Vinyl stickers!

Decorate a room to any holiday, for example, can to become quite problem business… Specifically and people who did not face, in practice, abilities of "vinyl" technologies will think.
Vinyl is not only only of what did plates and as it is already enough excellent all known vinyl wall-paper (very unique, convenient thing), and now besides vinyl stickers – for an interior.
Their beauty what to paste them it is possible as it is simple, as well as to remove – at uselessness (as an ukrashatelny, temporary decor – most that!) Another thing is that to paste them it is possible not on all desirable surfaces… In a standard, the surface should be smooth, rigid: such as glass or plastic, for example. Well and price of this decor not absolutely and decorative.
But, to walk so to walk. Therefore it is possible to beat something, absolutely sudden in very unusual, on the 1st look, a place. I all about the same premises of the table one organization, the personal company which for the period of winter holidays reincarnated in, actually, night club))
Here also pasted the vinyl sticker directed on certain subject, with the woman dancing on a pole… I think, the imagination will allow you to guess that after all it was possible to design in this room, throughout this subject… Real pole… But about it – later.
At present how glued this sticker. Quite easily: well washed up, degreased a surface on which were going to glue it (in this case is there was a plastic vagonka: again we do not forget is a room of a dining room therefore here the vagonka and plastic are absolutely pertinent as, in principle, and on though to what kitchen), and it it is sluggish, by means of an oboyny shpatel, аккуратненько pasted this dancer…We glue two! Vinyl stickers!
We glue two! Vinyl stickers!
We glue two! Vinyl stickers!
From top to down, evenly unsticking one, a back layer of a sticker. Having pasted all leaf, removed top, a protection layer, a film… If not such system of the puff pie the vinyl sticker was which "interior", аккуратненько to paste though what, and in particular that difficult: all flourishes of hair, a sketch, would be actually, cannot be.
Now can be to estimate result: We glue two! Vinyl stickers!