We decorate the house with water!

Water always caused the real feeling of admiration in the person. After all the popular proverb that it is possible to look for hours at a running stream not without reason says. On our planetka water is presented in the most various options: fine beauty the lakes tremendous the seas, raging falls. Who from us would refuse to observe all this magnificence?

But, to chagrin, possibility quite often to enjoy all this in real life is far not at everyone. Has luck that who lives in own personal house and has the quite good district where not discrepancy to make any pond with falls. Such scenery of housing in our days, by all means, use huge demand. And many who live now in apartments, would wish to make something similar. But whether there can be it?

Yes, can be. Both falls, and a pond, and even it is possible to put a stream if the place allows in the apartment. I could realize such designs. But I wish to a descent to warn. If someone from you to venture to repeat all this is that only on own horror and risk. Any guarantees of that it will not fill in your neighbors, no. At least therefore that I do not know, to whom you will entrust laying of pipes. Suddenly you отважтесь to save up on the expert?

We decorate the house with water!

So. Sanitary works should be carried out before the floor coupler will be executed. In other words – it is necessary to lay pipes on a ferro-concrete plate. Naturally, nobody prohibits to you to lay them over a ready floor. But you are convinced that they will manage to be hidden. And later, if between your rooms of a door, instead of arches how will pass pipes?

In view of that pipes will be immured tightly, I do not recommend to save up for them. Plastic is not that option. There are no guarantees that under weight of a coupler it will not burst. Why, an exit only one – installation of armor pipes. Naturally, they are more expensive, but will sleep better. It is obvious that about any connection of speech does not go. Pipes are carried out to a place of the future fountain or falls from a place where will pass a strut. Pipes two. On one water will flow in a fountain, and on another – in a ditch.

To protect a floor from a leakage in this case I think not purposefully. And here to protect a place where the fountain will be established, the reason is, after all water can be sprayed. But it is better to pick up small for capacity.

All another – as usual. We fill in a coupler, we put a floor, we connect pipes. The only thing that, having executed laying of pipes, I advise to fill in in their water from a bucket or a bottle and to have a look, whether there are no leakages.