We create a romantic situation in a bedroom

Not so long since I stood in shop electricians, choosing for myself in a bedroom the latest chandelier. Understand, hunting, whether that was any romantic atmosphere that or something something like that. And very much I was intrigued by the Chinese chandeliers, in what some modes of a luminescence. You probably contemplated the such. You include once – lamps ordinary, the 2nd time – halogen, the 3rd time – light-emitting diodes color flare, and again – all shines in common. Beauty, though expensive. Well and business at all in money. All the same same color at some instant becomes boring. Okhoto something new. And here, looking at these chandeliers, I thought, as it is possible to embody change of flowers.

By the way, I nevertheless caught one of these chandeliers. Beauty, as in any way. And at present I wish to tell you about how I managed to make various illumination.

At first, I made of the most usual, on sale in any shop, flew down something like a dome. In other words, bought a big leaf, cut out from it 5 square plates.

We create a romantic situation in a bedroom

After that bought plastic transparent corners and began to mount this design on a ceiling such makary that the chandelier appeared it is covered by this dome.

Yes, forgot to tell. It very essentially, concerning lamps. Energy saving which get the idea in the first pressing, can put in that quantity which is necessary. Well, with light-emitting diodes you will make nothing. And here with halogen, here all a little on another. Usually, chandeliers are calculated pieces on 6-10 bulbs. At the rate of that one bulb shines on the 20th watt.

How many to put for this purpose to make a romantic situation, I think, everyone will solve itself. Personally I caught two on 20. It would be possible also one. But it would be desirable, that lighting was uniform. Therefore, I had to put on one bulb from each party of a chandelier.

When romantics not hunting – the chandelier shines in an ordinary mode, the glass dome at all does not disturb it. If there was such desire, a glass dome simply on is simply pasted over with a film of that color in which you wish to paint a room. It is necessary to consider that depth of color of a film will be reflected in color indoors.

Quite perfectly and economically.