We change pictures on walls quite often

Now, my dear readers, I will tell you about how it is possible to change quite often pictures on walls. I think, in the middle of you there will be many fans of the fine arts. And, I think, I will not be mistaken, if I will assume that in the apartment if not everyone, many of you are any pictures. They got to someone in heritage from great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, someone caught them without the aid of others, and someone simply made them the hands, using a cloth and hanks of threads.

However, the method of change of pictures about which I will tell you, will have certain conventions and restrictions. In – 1-x, you by all means will need to get a hinged ceiling as without it the thought will be not simply realized. In – 2-x, the picture can be the various sizes, but it will begin concretely at a ceiling. Therefore, everyone should look itself. Whether there will be an image on all panel. Or its top, in sense of a panel to paint tone of a wall. But it is applicable only in case of paint, decorative plaster, or monophonic wall-paper.

But such trifles I think, everyone обмыслит if will realize this idea. By the way, now I type this text. And the idea that would be more true came to the head to call not a picture, and photowall-paper. In any case, on the size it is more similar. So, the main essence of my invention consists in the subsequent.

We change pictures on walls quite often

One pressing of the button – and florets leave up

It will be for a start necessary to get a number of the necessary materials. At first – for creation of a hinged ceiling. I advise to do a ceiling of plastic – it is more reliable. I emphasize, hinged, instead of tension! It is a big difference. Vobshchem, it is possible also tension, under hinged if the height of rooms allows.

Snutri of a hinged ceiling is established two directing on which cloths will make the movements. Obviously, it is necessary to establish any motor, by means of which movement of these cloths could be probable.

The highlight consists that under a ceiling you can put any quantity of cloths. Everything is in dependence from their thickness and subjects as низковато the ceiling is lowered. Pictures can be though 10, though 20. Cope this system can somehow. Can either by means of the panel, or by means of buttons built in a wall.

By the way, it is possible to get pictures from there and manually.

Then, when the picture will bother, it simply leaves under a ceiling, and another comes to its place. Everything is very simple. Except a control system. I think, electricians will tell to interested persons as much it costs and as becomes.