Wakened? Make a bed… Paris map!

Wakened? Make a bed... Paris map!
What do you do at first, coming to another’s city for the first time? Probably, buy the card. But here travel came to the end – the central streets исхожены, sights are examined. You come back home. And what to do with the card? To throw out? To throw for memory? Everyone solves itself. But hardly someone will invent, for example, to make the card a bed, the truth?

And after all it completely can be! If there is a speech about textile "card" of "Soft Maps", obviously. Designers from the Brooklyn company "Haptic Lab" (USA) became her founders. Idea indeed the very fascinating. Covers, plaids, carpets and rugs of various flowers and are decorated the sizes with the most real cards! And if on this carpet the land relief was taken that is called, from a ceiling, «Soft Maps» represent real scale Wakened? Make a bed... Paris map!
representations of the cities. Paris, New-york, London, Chicago and others the largest the small town of the world found the reflection in unusual textile production for the house.

Streets and houses on Wakened? Make a bed... Paris map!
covers can be planned by stitches (it is more unostentatious option) or are printed in color (for those who is not afraid to experiment an interior). Yes, on such plaid it is completely possible to orient in the small town. And still it is possible to add the card without the aid of others – for example, having swept together own loved walking route or having noted houses of friends. Perhaps, the unique minus of such atlases that on the street them you will not develop.