The miracle comes to the house

The miracle comes to the house
Soon, soon New year – the most magic holiday, the beloved and children, and adults. But something the mood does not hurry up to become New Year’s… Not failure, we will help it! How? Let’s decorate the house, certainly.

For certain, in the childhood all cut out paper snowflakes and pasted them on windows or suspended under a ceiling. Now there is a worthy candidate to short-lived paper – vinyl stickers with which it is possible to decorate both a window, and walls or even a floor! The Haikje Studio company on the threshold of new year offers the whole collection of magnificent stickers. By the way, in the middle of them it is possible to find not only only classical The miracle comes to the house
New Year’s ornaments in the form of snowflakes or frosty patterns and completely universal patterns which will perfectly look at windows in the summer. For example, magnificent butterflies or lovely flowers. This collection is presented in various colors – from tender snow-white and uncompromising dark to bright blue.

Advantage of similar stickers that they are simply glued, without soiling glass The miracle comes to the house
and as simply act in film so the design of a room can be changed though every day in an extent of all New Year’s vacation, and even further. Not including that, stickers pass light, at all this preserving a room against foreign views is similar to light tulle that should attract to inhabitants of the first floors. And still it is possible not to take finished goods, and to cut out scenery without the aid of other of a being self-glued film. Also do not forget to involve in this business of kids – precisely it will be pleasant to them!