Very grandiose decor. Part 2.

Here I should directly share. Though typical decisions, but, deserve discussion and attention as it seems to me. On as I hope in comments to this article.
No, it is not my apartment therefore criticism I will listen even it is very weakened and it is impartial. At most there are certain remarks. But!.
The beginning is necessary still here:
And how it is possible to support that interior in a harmony and functionality condition, for example, all with the same windows under which as well as everywhere, there are batteries. And as well as everywhere, them batteries try to hide, however, did not become object of dressing, in this case – after all as – the same should be heated a room. Them closed skromnenky, in comparison to all other "lotions", screens… And even without a stucco molding managed, in registration of windows – that)) Not that here: But, stylistics all tried to sustain. Also there was it quite peculiar, I even would say, in the Roman style.Very grandiose decor. Part 2.
Very grandiose decor. Part 2.

And so… Here it! And – ля, the Roman curtains, it is exclusive in performance of a jalousie in addition in the form of a chain armor of the Roman soldiers. Estimate. I before the such did not contemplate, clearly, to order. It is clear, what not for each room, subjects it is more, not for each apartment… But, after all it and not the apartment, and a canteen of the organization which for the period of winter holidays decided to accept directed on a certain subject and even very solemn air! Very grandiose decor. Part 2.
However, for me a riddle, what with this solemn and grandiose air to do further? But, and here, the decor, on that and a decor to be simply replaced and to make necessary mood and the atmosphere.
And here such dressing of a window aperture also will be suitable for premises for many reasons: usually in a room only one window. And one as all it is clear, in the field – not the fighter! Let even that, stylized))
Though, a jalousie as window, we will express so, the accessories – are enough not a whimsical, convenient material. Therefore, can, and this Roman jalousie – a decor will get accustomed. And people will go to a dining room, as on a holiday!