Very grandiose decor. Part 1.

In one of own nedavneshny articles on the subject of unusual decisions for even very standard rooms, dining room type, let and not absolutely public catering, but, after all, I already spoke about batteries… Now here I will continue, it is exclusive in slightly other key, proceeding from belief of decorative design, blizkoraspolozhenny to these batteries, the district.
In comments to this article, there were questions necessarily battery closings by such screen and its functionality. So here and – it is not so functional. The it is more if to consider, what method it should be closed: not to the screen in the accepted understanding which passes warm air, though limits its circulation a little. And, voobshchy, deaf, actually, wood surface with a fine photo printing on it. I, by the way, promised to show a photo of total work. So here is how time here it also will be. Very grandiose decor. Part 1.
Why specifically so it was decided to make – a whim of the customer. The it is more that these batteries remained from put tightly, there is already enough long since, windows, and, probably, were an eyesore to it.
Here also there was such typical thought, заместо to find out about what and configurations of their external shape, on tidier, whether that, appeared, decided to close them simply.
But, as usual, difficulties, difficulties… The art screen did not long to keep and be established on the legitimate place and it was necessary to strengthen it, quite extraordinary and decoratively… Very grandiose decor. Part 1.
Mosaic: a small tile by which it was trimmed and constructed in this dining room, podiya, more precisely, its face part (about it is sensitive later).
Finally, left quite peculiar and nicely.
But, a little everything would be lonely, though there was a new stylistic association – with a podium if the stucco molding is only on falseness – a fireplace… Therefore, in привесок to and without that, to a grandiose ornament of batteries, in a hall appeared and here this figure.Very grandiose decor. Part 1.
Not stationary, but figurative. By the way, in it also there is its beauty. And functionality, as decor: always it is possible to change.