Vanguard in interior design.

The vanguard as the direction in interior design became break to new tastes and styles, at all this its contrast to all inveterate styles to it is tracked down.

Vanguard in interior design.

The vanguard in any measure became imprudent attempt to pass to wider look to ordinary things, traditions fall and more liberated natural world comes to their change and at illusions.

Vanguard in interior design.

The most important in this style – the invoice and color, gets out some main types of color, usually them 3, and the composition is beaten by different variations.

Vanguard in interior design.

Color preferences are not present, but colors of a background should be light flowers, and furniture usually the brightest.

Many surfaces are obliged to have a bright glossy appearance, but in vanguard it is necessary to adhere to contrast and all colors between themselves should be balanced, but not to the detriment of the general style.

Furnish for walls can consist both of wall-paper, and from impressive plaster or is simply painted, the way of a cubism or abstract lines is quite often used.

Vanguard in interior design.

The furniture is necessary for choosing fascinating and unusual forms, but not запамятовывайте that the basic principle for management is convenience. Are chosen more furniture of forms of a wave, but at all this should not lose geometrical simplicity.

Patterns and other furnish practically does not meet, заместо it use camber of sides.

Lighting as usual plays one of the main details of an interior, expose lighting devices such makary that there was bright the main background and decorative elements and working zones were generally shined.

Materials for style in an interior use vanguard, plastic, glass, a tree and a fabric.

It is necessary to use current trends of technologies for the house and to make a shocking and comfort interior, at all this trusting only own taste.

It is possible to beat still a room different curtains and curtains, for division of its division into zones.

That interior suits people creative, not capable to think as others, and their house is attempt to leave from daily occurrence and to make own world of the brightest paints and the rejected conventions.