Wonderful apple-tree as a decor

In the most rare kitchen you will not meet a vase with fruit. In particular in the summer when juicy apples, honey peaches and fragrant lemons become cheaper and more available. But who said, what the vase should be obligatory in the form of a dullish plate? The designer Anne Lorenz (Germany) in a root with it is not agrees. Specifically thanks to her diligence the magic tree of "Apple Tree" also "grew".

Despite of the title which in transfer "apple-tree" means, on a tree it is possible to meet both pears, and oranges, and plums – da everything that will wish. Strong iron branches will sustain even the most plentiful collecting, and the stylized Wonderful apple-tree as a decor of
leaves will add vivacities. It is a pity, it is natural that fruit will not increase, and they after all should be got for a start, but after all we and not live in a parable. And with a role of a vase of "Apple Tree" совладевает it is excellent.

The wonderful tree will look pertinent on though to what modern kitchen though to someone the design, maybe, will seem to the simple-minded. But itself on for itself an idea very good – the elegant and unique device never will be excessive. Well and to children it is even more fascinating to "break" fruit from iron branches, than to take them from a plate. So we recommend to our handymen to note idea and to design something similar in the kitchen, on satisfaction for themselves and to members of household.