Unusual wood furnish

Unusual wood furnish
With what you associate the concept "country house"? Most likely, it is rest, spotless air, greens violence, a comfortable house situation and, naturally, proximity to the nature. Many people aspire to introduce a part of the nature and to the city dwelling. And what, if it there will be not usual florets or the balcony twined an ivy, and something is more essential – we will tell, a log? Yes, the log is concrete. And that Unusual wood furnish
creative approach to registration of an inhabited place can be truly pertinent not only only at a dacha and in the ordinary apartment.

For example, how to you thought to use a tree slice as a candelabrum? The similar typical and beautiful device will emphasize feature of your interior, and the myagenky twilight created by it will make the atmosphere cozy and romantic.

Or a hanger for a hall – not only only especially and functionally. And if to choose a branch is thinner, it is possible to design unique eaves or the holder for curtains. Unusual wood furnish
Similar decisions there is the large quantity, after all similar things can be made completely without the aid of others, having given vent to own imagination and creative intuition. Unusual wood furnish
Skillfully zatonirovanny or simply varnished log can become not substitution detail of your interior, opening its feature.

In any case, similar scenery with furor will be entered in the most modern minimalist registration or even in hi-tech design, having given to serious lifeless forms special charm.