The trifle for an interior the hands

Decor with malekhanky trifles which only will give heat and comfort to your house.

Therefore in this publication I wish to tell how I decorated the apartment a malekhanky simple home decoration which made the hands.
In a hall at us modern repair with navesnoy ceilings, impressive plaster and a decorative stone therefore "colder" home decoration would be suitable for this room. I was going to make typical vases.
For this purpose in shop I bought vases in the form of small aquariums and glass balls of 2 flowers. After I filled with vase balls, left very beautifully and in an original way. But there was no certain highlight, and I could not realize in any way, than after all fill this defect.
On walk with children I saw ordinary pine cones, to a descent in the head any thought flashed. We with children gathered these cones and brought home. When I added with them vases, to a descent thought that it is concrete that I found. But for pushchy effect I painted them with gilding and "planted" on their decorative butterfly. Here now they became the most real ornament of an interior.
The trifle for an interior the hands

Not including that, for contrast, it is possible to get similar vases in the form of huge glasses to fill them with stones, cockleshells or beads.

And here in kitchen at us such vases would not be entered in an interior as repair in it is made in provincial, even "rural" style: beginning from керамогранита with a decor in the form of composition from vegetables and fruit and finishing the myagenky sofa upholstered with a gobelin «in a floret». Therefore specifically in this room of our apartment I decided to allocate this provinciality only.
Once ancestors brought to us from giving an ordinary pumpkin. But it was such accurate and fine what to eat it to me it was a pity. Therefore I put it in the center of a working zone and decorated with an artificial brush of grapes. Together with a fruit and vegetable decor of a tile there was a beautiful combination. This real pumpkin costs in our kitchen year, and all guests are surprised, why it does not spoil.
The trifle for an interior the hands

But it it seemed to me not enough therefore I decided to embellish a little a plastic box with culinary recipes. For this purpose I put transparent hermetic on its surface, and on it pasted dry fig. After hermetic dried up, I painted rice in the form of small sunflowers. Paints used the gouache. For this purpose that a sketch to fix and make hydroresistant, I covered it with an acrylic varnish. Now the box with culinary recipes only decorates our kitchen.
The trifle for an interior the hands

Well and as a result I will tell about how I filled bottles for scenery of a table zone of our kitchen.
During repair we made mirror niches in a wall, it was necessary to fill them with something. For this purpose I picked up small unique small bottles. One of them filled with dry petals of roses, and here it was necessary to tinker with the 2nd.
For it small stones were useful for an aquarium and an artificial branch of greens. An artificial branch I arranged in a bottle after that started to fill the small stones created for an aquarium. It was necessary to fill stones so to fix greens and to make illusion of that she grows in the bottle. After достигнула hotimy effect, poured there ordinary water. Now "mini-aquarium" and a small bottle smelling sweet as roses took the respectable place in a wall niche.
The trifle for an interior the hands

As one stately person said, «all excellent – is simple». It is necessary to turn back only on the parties, around there is so a lot of thoughts which we can use for an interior of our house.