Tree on fabric replacement?

Tree on fabric replacement?
Doing houses face lifting, we in the heat of design passion often forget about that basic detail as curtains. Truly, many are limited to that curtains to match wall-paper or furniture, and on it choose all. And after all curtains can if not to become the main element of an interior, it is essential to vary a type of a room.

The Cr ation Baumann company invented very unusual method to decorate a window, having combined two, apparently, incongruous a material – a narrow fabric and pieces of a natural tree. Looks very much especially!

The wood component of such curtains is made of the thinnest interline interval (about 1 mm at thickness) on which the pleasant wood structure is clearly looked through. In order to avoid breakage fragile wood pieces заламинированы. By the way, Tree on fabric replacement?
they can be a different form – the Elwood series comprises interline interval small squares, and «Elwin» – the tiny rectangles more similar to straws.

Fabric too the various. In collections there is as option in country style (the rough, rather condensed fabric of gray color), and an option for romantic natures (light translucent tulle which recedes on a background, placing emphasis specifically on a tree).