Transparent glass of a stained-glass window – in the drawing

We already reconciled to idea that it is possible to paint our life completely available methods. Speech here – not about parachute jumps and not about other extreme ways, and about what design of the house in what you live. It is much more fascinating to master modern technologies (well, or – not so) and to embody them round itself. For example – the stained-glass window on a handrail, as on a photo will perfectly look.

Transparent glass of a stained-glass window - in the drawing

So – color glass stopped to be luxury. And an art stained-glass window – transcendental dream. Let’s list certain features and methods where to us actually real stained-glass window meets:

  • Windows;
  • Doors;
  • Tiffany;
  • Arches;
  • Mirrors;
  • Ceilings;
  • Pavilions

And almost all another. Generally – the lazy did not get a simple stained-glass window only. Or – the one it not seems to whom applicable to adjust all other interior to the made stained-glass window. Many simply manage paints for glass. The choice here is offered more than plentiful – taking in attention that paint is on sale and with imitation under gilding, in other words feeling of a stained-glass window will be full. And different illuminations which it is possible to have behind a stained-glass window or round it, will turn it into true magic. The main thing – to hold in the head that paint should lay down exactly, or at least look such, and the film should not leave bubbles and spoil from sunshine or under the influence of temperature. Here it is necessary to mention that the mosaic entered into a fashion. Its development is identical from the vitrazhny. Everything put – in the sizes of parts of which do the nice image. In the market sets for a mosaic sell also from transparent materials. The stained-glass window can be designed by means of special materials. In last notes of my blog the vitrazhny subject was a little considered. Let’s list certain materials of vitrazhny type:

  • Film for stained-glass windows;
  • Glass vitrazhny;
  • Glass art;
  • Fyyuzing-steklo;
  • Stained-glass window imitation.

Naturally – the list can be continued it is long and with taste. Transparent materials on sale suffices. Usually the best option considered glass option. The most known stained-glass windows are made of glass in the world. Specifically of glass them do historically. Gothic quarter in Barcelona – is known despite of that under a gothic style black lipstick and one-sidedly developed youth today is supposed, in fact a Gothic stained-glass window it is possible to arrange practically in any interior. Such feature of this style concerning an interior. Yes, it will cost dearer – but it is necessary to hold in the head that always it is possible to find available option. After all recognizable option from the same Barcelona as on the subsequent photo – own means will cost.Transparent glass of a stained-glass window - in the drawing
Naturally, there are also other styles of stained-glass windows – very picturesque about nice. Not to call own style in question, it is possible to choose certain of other widespread styles:

  • Ancient Egyptian style;
  • Byzantian;
  • Modernist style;
  • Vanguard (here it is necessary to mention about the multilayered system which is famous for own originality).

Generally – there would be an imagination and ability to prove if something happens that your stained-glass window is created according to traditions, and the debater in art realizes nothing. Joke. The main thing – to find out carefully about features of style and to reach, that the image corresponded to it. It is possible to resort also to various secrets – after all the stained-glass window is a part of a room. Dark – will visually reduce a room. Light will create turnaround effect. For evening design respective selection of flowers is necessary. In kitchen it is better to do a peace stained-glass window, having chosen the esthetic image – it is unessential with food, but the feeling should be harmonious. Etc.