Thermowood – means for scenery of an interior

It would seem – wood breed and without that long since is the favourite when it is a question of ecologically harmless accomplishment of the house. Does not stop owners neither its low pozharobezopasnost, nor the sea of other new offers. As it is clear – even for processing of wood breed there is a large quantity of ecologically spotless means which differ not toxicity. Generally, all – snow-white and fluffy, easy and harmless.

About that in wood houses people considerably restore health and so all know. It concerns the diseases connected with respiratory organs – after all that «красотень» which evaporates plastic and even cement (which, apparently, too consists of ecologically spotless components) does not disappear without any traces. From a tree it is recommended to live in the house also to people with diseases, knitted with infection of blood and a metabolism. Not all have a possibility to avoid diseases but if this поруха fell on the head – is possible to go on this measure, to live in the wood house. Naturally, it long since does not mean that in the house there will be no accomplishments. Even in a garden it is simple to apply this material – apparently on a photo.

Thermowood - means for scenery of an interior

Wood materials for furnish – a thing also enough popular and necessary. Together with ceramics or normal cardboard wall-paper without synthetics signs, the parquet or thermowood can serve not simply as the following means to kindle a fire. Having processed thermowood at least certain elements of a decor of the house, it is possible to receive at least style in design. Outside of it really to distinguish from ordinary wood breed, and it has certain differences. If this material exists during Russian times – many wood constructions would serve much more is long, and people could not know that wood means «is jarred on» or that it is not necessary to trim with wood breed a place round reservoirs or in a bathroom.

Because of special processing, at a technological level not representing something difficult, thermowood possesses a number of not substitution parameters. Configurations during processing are carried out at molecular level. A fungus and a mold no, not therefore that evaporated them, and therefore that because of temperature influence the sphere of dwelling ceases to be suitable for their emergence. For the same reasons color of wood breed changes also. It will be estimated by fans of all bright, after all earlier for emergence of a bright tree dye was used. Even in wettish rooms color will not grow dim, it is visible on the subsequent photo.

Thermowood - means for scenery of an interior

Outside thermowood differs superfluous brightness. Someone can consider that color not absolutely natural to wood breed. The structure of an initial material comes to light «there is no place» more distinctly. Because of a modern fashion on ecological purity this material found huge popularity. And because of brightness it is used as a successful component of interior design. This material is quite often used as house furnish from an external part. Taking in attention that it is water-repellent it is normal. Often it strive to use as a parquet board. The phenomenon usual, when indoors – the overestimated humidity. And sometimes it use simply for beauty and for endurance of the chosen style. It should be noted that if someone for giving of style resorts to the help of a mold or putridity on a tree – thermowood will not approach. Even after processing the material very much loses flesh – consider it, deciding to apply thermowood in design. If your purpose – feeling of weight, fundamental nature, this type of a material can not approach. Naturally, at desire it is possible to put any material of furnish, but usually thermowood on a tree choose specifically because of its frank "derevyannost". On the subsequent photo – quite bright example.

Thermowood - means for scenery of an interior

This material is mastered not only only by dressers and builders. Taking in attention, how many in the house of wood parts, it is possible to present, where thermowood will approach. The same windows, doors, steps, furniture are made from this material. Quite often to them decorate landscaping – before and by means of ordinary wood breed did various bridges and steps, and now the same elements it is possible to create from thermowood.