The sea of a jalousie in the company “Two Shutters” of

The sea of a jalousie in the company “Two Shutters” of
Now you can get at us the most modern elements of a window decor. From the most usual and economic vertical jalousie to absolutely unique and unique curtains and a jalousie.
The low prices, quick terms, wide choice, the electric catalog – to us to eat than be proud.

Since April 1 our company offers a wide choice of parts of a decor for all windows! Now, except plastic and wood windows, we want to offer unlimited quantity of versions of a jalousie and curtains for windows. Not enough companies in St. Petersburg will manage повытрепываться such choice and at such readily available prices.
Moreover, on our website you can find out the accurate prices and as to familiarize with our electric catalog of a jalousie.

Vertical jalousie:
– traditional and economic
– the exclusive
– a cascade jalousie in plasticity
– wattled jalousie of "String"

Horizontal jalousie:
– on a shutter (classic)
– on a double-glazed window (Isolight)
– the wood
– the beechen
– a plastic jalousie "under a tree"

Curtains for windows:
– the rolled
– Roman
– Japanese
– cotton velvet
– the design

– stiffened, delivery, installation
– departure of the designer for drawing up of the personal project
– tailoring and repair
– photo printing and thermopress

Production term: from 3 to 5 working days. No matter what form of payment. Our prices are lower than averages in the market of St. Petersburg.