Tables. Dressing of tables…

So, dressing of tables during the current time gets everything a huge urgency. Everyone for whom the phrase "an elegant interior" not the empty phrase, dreams to make own table, rather unusual. But, for this purpose, that the table, at everything at all this was not scattered yet, and after the lapse of any time amused an eye, it is necessary to know something.

The 1st that you should make is to find a material.

As a decor element, it is possible to use a mosaic from square parts. Actually is the same glass. It is durable, but to put on it glasswares or, even ceramics a little uncomfortably. Seams are necessary for processing special structures that dirt was not absorbed in a surface. Well and it is natural, such furnish will add weight.

Tables. Dressing of tables...

If you have a powerful table, it is possible to use an artificial stone. But, before absolutely approving own choice, make sure that a stone ecological and harmless. More artificially the stone, as a rule, has the huge color palette, a different structure and absolutely will approach actually for though what interior.

Plastic is most ideal be not to using. Even the most high-quality plastic, in that, or other degree is toxic and can harm to your health.

Vitrazhnoye glass and bronze, will not be suitable for ordinary tables. These materials use for bar counters, trunk-call tables, or tribunes.

Tables. Dressing of tables...

Installation of a decor asks huge efforts. She can be divided into three steps: the 1st – drawing preparation if you have a big table and cutting of the details, the 2nd – processing of details, drilling of suitable openings, the 3rd – design assembly.

After everything is collected, there is other question – what structures to process seams and as the chosen material will lead at contact with hot ware.

Tables. Dressing of tables...

Not processed edges badly look and do strshny discomfort. Wish, that everything looked use first coats, or, in the latter case, though what suitable connecting solvent more esthetically.

In the way of tests and mistakes to pick up, usually, easy to pick up. Discrepancy that soil is aimed not only only at fixing of a surface and on that other materials perfectly stuck to them. That is, if you later, desire to varnish a surface, you can have difficulties, with a covering of the grounded seams, the first coat can badly be absorbed and evaporate.