Style – a vintage, in base – uniqueness

Style – a vintage, in base – uniqueness
About vintage style in an interior it is possible to say it is long, but its main sign there is one: a vpleteniye of the starenky things which are absolutely reflecting prestigious tendencies of own era, in modern design.

Thus be expressed it can absolutely differently! Yes, it is possible to take a ready grandmother’s dresser, and it is possible to design it from other things which have gone to a past, with furniture in any way the connected. That the result will be more unexpected and the reminiscence is brighter.

For example, designers from James Plumb studio (England) collected a magnificent and beautiful dresser of "Suitcase Drawers" from… suitcases. Now such Style – a vintage, in base – uniqueness
suitcases hardly узреешь in someone’s hands – times change, and bags too look on another. But look at a photo – from these things and blows the left centuries and romanticism of long travel. And shabby labels and labels, it is sensitive the rusted locks only add charm. Here therefore the dresser rightfully can be called the vintage.

Did not manage and without the British stiffness – the bags playing roles of boxes of a dresser, are fixed on a serious iron framework without any decorative details. Well and to anything they here – suitcases on for themselves serve as a typical ornament of model. By the way, practically each that dresser is unique, after all cases have the various sizes and therefore also dimensions of a framework steal up personally under each group.