Strange aquarium

If you only start to build own personal house and plan to make in it an aquarium, I advise to you not to hurry with the approval of the project as, can be to you on temper my thought is necessary.

To descent I will tell, an aquarium which I am going to offer to realization, are not cheap. How many means it will pull – I will not tell, but above 10 тыщ euro it is exact. The design of an aquarium offered by me plans deepening in a cm wall on 20. Therefore, I advise external walls of a structure to make thicker. By the way, not by all means to do deepening. It is possible not to spread simply a brick where deepening creation is meant.

Essence in the subsequent.

In several rooms, at least in 2, on the center aquariums are erected. Yes, almost did not forget. The thought of that costs, if you have at least about ten average fishes. And if you are going to hold 2 malekhanky сомиков, that aquarium – only superfluous waste of means. Though, if you would wish to decorate rooms аква with vegetation, the best option to you not to find.

Strange aquarium

So, we distracted from a subject. I ended own story on construction of aquariums in the room center. It is most ideal, that they were erected on any pedestal and were more or less solid the sizes. For example, the length of meter two, meter height two, width of cm 50, and is better – meter. It is obvious, if the sizes of a room allow.

So, we will allow there are two aquariums. It, so to speak, base, instead of final result. And the essence such is farther. I suggest to connect aquariums between myself. Actually speaking, for this purpose in walls deepenings also are necessary. By the way, same are necessary and in a floor. After all fishes are obliged to have possibility to float from an aquarium to a wall. Vobshchem, prevents to make nobody a glass rectangular pipe in the highest part of an aquarium. Here everything is in dependence from taste.

Channels on walls should be arranged such makary not to create deadlocks. In other words, fish is obliged to have possibility to move only forward. So it will be even more attractive.

To me it is hard to say, what volume of water will tighten such pleasure. But some hundred l. it is exact. Why, I recommend to bring a pipe through which water will arrive in the bottom of each aquarium. Also a ditch in which the ancient will follow. In order to avoid hit in a ditch of small pebbles, tighten it a network. By the way, a diameter take much less that fishes did not feel discomfort.