Standard corridor – art gallery.

Standard corridor - art gallery.

Here such unusual decision – the improvised pictures in a corridor.

In the standard apartment which has very narrow and the long – a tunnel corridor to make unique repair happens sometimes hard. I reconsidered the whole a lot of magazines with a photo of absolutely various repairs, облазил and in an original way repaired corridor could not find all networks of a global network perfectly and the main thing, is concrete for this reason for me and it was necessary to be engaged in design, as vobshchy and repair without the aid of others. It would be desirable that that such and the 1st that I solved is visually to divide a corridor into two parts, by means of the improvised arch executed from gypsum cardboard and wall-paper of 2 flowers: green and coffee. the 1st than I was engaged is by means of a profile. which attached to a wall on beforehand marked lines and gypsum cardboard built a small arch. Standard corridor - art gallery.

Here it is concrete and she is its majesty an arch.

Uniform bending of gypsum cardboard at the top of an arch appeared the most difficult in this process, for this purpose I it for earlier having wetted very much аккуратненько, trying not to break, curved, leaning against an arch from below and at once fastening a strip to profiles. Further, having removed from walls starenky wall-paper, by means of a wide shpatel put a uniform layer of a final shpaklevka on all walls and laboriously them having leveled waited complete drying after that executed a zashkurivaniye. For a merit of effect of very rovnenky walls I used the vibroshlifovalny car which having lowered a process trudozatratnost considerably saved up my forces and time. For this purpose, to make visually a corridor is more extensive, I decided to "lower" a little a ceiling – receding from a ceiling 20 see pasted on all perimeter of a corridor a very narrow baguette. The ceiling and distance from a ceiling to a baguette whitewashed a vodoemulsionka.Standard corridor - art gallery.

Ceiling by means of a baguette we lower on 20 see.

For this purpose, very to make walls effective on them, with the help all of the same baguette, I made the squares which middle too whitewashed a vodoemulsionka.Standard corridor - art gallery.

The improvised pictures on walls.

There was a certain similarity of empty pictures, trailing on walls. The last that it was necessary to me to make for the completion of repair is поклеить wall-paper. Laboriously, with the help for earlier dissolved glue – a homogeneous consistence without lumps, I grounded all walls. Then missed the mark wall-paper, evenly and a cloth behind a cloth pasted on a wall that left finally you see. Standard corridor - art gallery.
Standard corridor - art gallery.
Standard corridor - art gallery.

Here some more photo of my art gallery, than not new Malevich? Unless a square at me snow-white.