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Let’s meet under a mistletoe We equip a site - 155
Usually recently winter holidays – New year and Christmas it is remembered those plants which are usually connected with these holidays: coniferous, падуб, poinsettia, ivy, mistletoe. For certain, in the middle of these plants of the most mysterious the mistletoe is. It is rather surprising, as the mistletoe is a plant parasite which needs to be destroyed.We equip a site - 155
She lives highly on kroner of starenky trees in the form of bushes spheres which blossom in the spring, and in the winter become covered by snow-white berries. In the autumn when leaves of trees were carried away by a wind, and the nature has a rest and accumulates forces waiting for spring, the mistletoe expects own hour of triumph – winter holidays.We equip a site - 155
The mistletoe takes life-giving substances and water from a tree, starting very deeply the backs under its bark. It, naturally, very much weakens a tree. Most of all the mistletoe likes to lodge on an apple-tree, choosing young branches with a tender bark. It is possible to behold it and on a linden, a poplar, a birch, a mountain ash. Many people carried a mistletoe to a sacred plant. Druids worshipped to it, considering that it protects from the evil, and can cure any illness. For Christmas picked mistletoe berries, considering that specifically at this time they have very huge force. In magic a mistletoe used, as an idol and a love potion. The ladies, wishing to give rise to the kid, carried mistletoe branches on a wrist or a waist.We equip a site - 155
A large quantity of titles of this sacral plant too emphasize its magic reputation: ведьмина a sweeper, a thunderous sweeper (considered that it arises from a lightning stroke), a crucifixion grass. To protect the house from evil ghosts, our forefathers suspended mistletoe branches over a door and windows. In Great Britain now believe that the kiss under a mistletoe for Christmas will bring fate.We equip a site - 155
How the mistletoe manages to climb up trees? It appears that the reproduction it owes birds who eat its fruits. From time to time sticky berries and sunflower seeds stick to a bird’s beak. The bird cleans a beak about a tree, and such makary, the embryo of a mistletoe gets to a bark where through certain time starts to develop.We equip a site - 155
The modern medicine uses salutary characteristics of a mistletoe as a part of the preparations reducing pressure of blood, raising the working capacity, regulating a dream.We equip a site - 155
I suggest to use a mistletoe in a New Year’s and Christmas interior. Let perfectly cleaned bush or веночек from its branches will decorate your house and will bring in it health, love and prosperity.