Small pleasures 2

Now we will have a talk about other pretty pleasures. Let’s begin with house falls and fountains. As though a trifle which can, unless to amuse a look. In fact, such devices completely can be considered as engineering systems which do also the important function. In construction at present occur how many not the smallest configurations, than in our society. The ancient system of got rid, and the newcomer, takes root not completely, but only separate elements. Thus, many important things, are simply ignored. At old system of construction quite often for providing our actual place natural processes were used. The present trend in construction is focused on that such natural processes to exclude because it is considered that they are very prodigal. And life support lays down on shoulders of the person. As though everything is true. Only if to the Zaporozhets to attach wheels from Mercedes, it becomes better from it not. As and here.

Small pleasures 2

Fig. 1. House falls.

The most usual example – modern windows with double-glazed windows. Not especially essentially, from plastic they are made or of other material. The most important that such systems pressurize a room. That, as though perfectly, and on heating of expenses it is less, and in rooms warmly and any drafts. But, if to get accustomed, everything is not so simple. Also it is stuffy, and the furniture cracks, and they are open in the winter very quite often that nullifies all advantages. All the matter is that installation of such windows breaks natural processes, at first, air exchange and humidity level.

Fig. 2. One more attractive design of house falls.

The most sad that so happens not only only at apartment renovation in starenky houses. In new, the most modern, it is possible to come up against vtochnost the same situation. Well, builders on everything save up, even in expensive houses if put something modern, only that it is possible to show to the buyer. How to show to the buyer suitable level of humidity? Hardly it will acquire that some sum was spent for its providing. So, discrepancy not only only in avidity of builders and in our illiteracy. Therefore, driving to the latest apartment, it is necessary to alter almost everything, and to put technological patches. House falls are just such technological patch. There is an option of installation of capacities with water at heating radiators, but the falls satisfy also our esthetic requirements.

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