Unique walls

Is long I reflected to write on what in this note. After all not hunting to write obvious things, nevertheless, I aspire to tell to the readers of that-nibudt interesting. Writers usually in such cases say, «and during that instant when all thoughts ran low, it was dawned by fine idea»! But I so will not say. As it, again, obvious things. I will tell simply that the thought was found. And I begin the story.

To descent I will tell that only those lucky at whom in the apartment free planning and walls are not bearing can embody this idea. This main thing. And I will tell about other details is sensitive below.

So, who ordered, where ordered, as ordered – has no value. The problem consisted in making walls unique. It is natural that it was delivered not to me personally, and all brigade which then worked at object. But here more original decision managed to be offered me.

Unique walls

Its essence consisted in disassembling a part of a wall and to lay out заместо it a fine stained-glass window. Placement of the stained-glass window, actually, roles was not played. It could be the equal strip at a ceiling, or any sketch in the wall center. The thought had furor and was realized.

Outside left even very nicely. A such picture from glass. And now some main moments which need to be considered in view of features of this creation.

In – 1-x, at glass the noise isolation than at walls is even more awful. Therefore, if between 2 rooms it is basic, I advise in the middle to lay any sound insulator. Here not special. I think, others will prompt better.

In – 2-x, it is necessary to protect a stained-glass window from probable pushes, falling, blows. To make it it is possible several methods. the 1st – to cover it with a special film which increases prochnostny properties. the 2nd – to remove vitrazhny glass it is sensitive deep into, and before it to put either laminated, or tempered. If the stained-glass window passes at a ceiling, in that precaution there is no need.

Doing houses that decor, it is necessary to consider one more very important thing. You will hollow out all wall on a place of a stained-glass window or only a part of a brick. If will choose the 2nd option, it is necessary to think over furnish that the reddish brick or plaster if something happens did not spoil to you external shape. But, of course, it is better to pull out a brick absolutely.

To fix a stained-glass window it is possible different methods. In own case I built in it in a wood frame, having adjusted to the size of an opening in a wall.