Silk, numbers, birdies and animals

Interior design will not look finished without different trifles which appropriate it feature, and to inhabitants of the apartment cheer up. Here to take, for example, hours – without them in any way. But who said, what it should be the sour dial without any delicacy?

The German company "Koziol" represents a novelty: two collections of a wall Silk, numbers, birdies and animals
clock. Both of them look very in an original way, but any of them differs "character".

So, models of the Pi:p series represent a true heap of figures. Huge and small, being weaved between themselves, standing exactly and lying on one side – all of them, nevertheless, form actually true circle of the dial on which it is absolutely easy to find time. As a ridiculous detail small figures of birdies and the animals, sitting directly on figures serve.

And here Silk collection warmer and romantic. Justifying the title, these hours Silk, numbers, birdies and animals
seem weaved of thin silk threads.

The scale of both series is quite wide, it comprises as measured colors (snow-white, dark, brown, olive), so rather explosive (reddish, crimson, bright violet). As the best background for this purpose an unusual and multipurpose decor monophonic walls of light flowers will serve.