Shod furniture

If you are the happy owner of a country site, probably thought of arrangement on its district of a recreation area and acquisition of suitable furniture. The garden furniture is made from the most various materials – from plastic to a tree and metal. Thus the iron (shod) furniture is considered the most reliable and long-term. It can be established not only only under canopies or in arbors and in the open air. Neither the rain, nor snow are not capable to destroy it thanks to a special anticorrosion covering – so for the garden benches in particular established permanently, better a material will not think up!

Furniture from metal indescribably strong – therefore it use for production of garden racks, supports for flowers and other dimensional subjects. But a return medal of durability – hardness. Therefore shod furniture for rest – stove benches, a swing, etc. – though look impressively and generous, also maintain all vagaries of the weather, are very inconvenient in operation. Them use as a design element in landscape gardening, and here use on mission occasionally. Meanwhile, the exit is. It is necessary to foresee only existence of myagenky textile capes on all copies available for you in a garden of shod furniture. Often they become producers precisely under the sizes of furniture. If the model which has pleasant to you of the such has no, though what salon on textiles tailoring with pleasure will offer you the services – plus in is that you can choose a coloring.

Many producers offer also special "northern" models of shod furniture covered with the special material "software", warm at a touch even in a cool season. To chagrin, such covering is used by only zabugorny producers, cost on which model is rather high.
Shod furniture

At shod furniture there are a lot of pluses:

  • it languid therefore absolutely is suitable for stationary installation (it is not required special fastenings to the soil or asphalt)
  • it indescribably fine – openwork forging looks magnificently and under beams of the bright sun, and, covered with water drops, after a rain.
  • it it is comparable the available. Magnificently, but shod products which in the West are registered on an exclusive and are on sale for mad means, at us are available actually though to what. So, the average price of garden chairs makes 150 dollars, tables – 200, benches – from 100.

The shod furniture becomes 2 different methods – at plants (it is calculated on the mass consumer) and manually (design models). How to distinguish one product from another? At the furniture shaped manually, iron prutka a little are not identical on thickness, in particular on trailer parts. It becomes, as in old times, forge affairs by masters. They shape first separate details of a design, and bring together them later, connecting forge welding, and paint in dark color. Connections should be faultless – any roughnesses, on another paint will lay down badly, and corrosion in these parts will promptly begin.

On all length shod elements say Rovnenkiye that the furniture is made at plant. Anything disgusting in it is not present – unless only the model found by you, with a big shred of probability probably it will appear and at the neighbor in a country site. It and is clear – after all "circulation" of industrial models very big. Not including that, factory production does not store a particle of soul of the master, and is serial punching – this fact can not suit certain in particular choosy buyers. But the factory shod furniture costs cheaper shaped manually.
Shod furniture

Many reflect that only the drevny furniture can give to a garden site a luxury raid – and hunt for shod products at auctions and flea markets. Meanwhile, even only just made production is simple for making old by means of special patinating mixes – to put 1-2 layers over paint enough.

The shod garden furniture most ideally is suitable for what gardens? If you were in France or Italy, probably saw that small provincial cafes abound with shod products, and any park without it does not manage. So the gardens designed by landscape designers in Provencal or Mediterranean style, in particular will win from existence of several subjects of shod furniture.

And in an ordinary garden the shod furniture perfectly mixes up with wood floorings, a stone laying of fences, paths from paving slabs etc. It is universal, convenient and appropriates unique chic even to the most not individual site.