Scenery from plaster

Scenery from plaster

In the main own weight the figure of plaster plastic, serves as an ornament of a prestigious drawing room, is made by the personal order therefore inimitable beauty and grace of an interior is the integral line of this type of a decor. This property of uniqueness can be used and for design of constructions. Thanks to construction elements, your house becomes especially inimitable.

Exclusive figures truly can strike and create the strongest reminiscence, thanks to a rich look and difficulty of drawing. But, irrespective of brevity own or splendors festive, these decorative elements for a magnificent interior and appearance differ refinement.

Soon technologies on manufacturing of products from plaster so promoted on many steps forward that masters show to customers truly filigree works. Different elements of a plaster decor it is possible to present all bible or ancient compositions.

The skillful appeal with these types of design of appearance and an interior as eaves, friezes, balustrades, bas-reliefs and ceiling sockets it is capable to change not a perceptible cottage in the magnificent lock.

Let’s add also that the stucco molding plaster can be not only only from snow-white color. It it is possible to paint in any colors, for example, a gold color. Gilding appropriates to an interior the provided and magnificent view. At will of the customer, to gold modelled elements it is possible to add effect of old times that will make design additional charm and charm.
Scenery from plaster

The coloring of a decorative stucco molding will be suitable for more modern look in color platinum which is popular in the middle of many customers to a room.

Plaster elements perfectly are suitable for scenery in an interior of style of antiquity, baroque, rococo or an empire style. Cost on that type of design of decorative parts can vary from 20 to 100 тыщ euro. But it is worth to remember that in everything it is necessary to know sense of proportion. It is possible to expend the mad sums of means, and at all this redundancy of ornaments modelled and pretentiousness will be emphasized only by lack of grace and taste.

I for myself made with gold inserts of various forms, in each room the scenery. Left very magnificently and beautifully, estimate, please. I think everything to attract.Scenery from plaster