Rolled curtains

Rolled curtains – rather young version of a jalousie which became the main novelty in the market of sun-protection decisions in a brand new 21 century. Indisputable advantage of rolled curtains will be that they on the one hand, protect a room from sunshine, and with another, unlike a usual jalousie, allow to decorate a room in compliance with the chosen design, color of walls and furniture.
Rolled curtains

In a drawing room rolled curtains will not change classical tulle and curtains, and only protect a room from sunshine. If the room looks south, and interior design does not mean introduction of dense heavy draperies at windows – rolled curtains will be the beautiful solution of a question. They will execute svetozaderzhaniye function. And the window aperture is decorated by light organza, a taffeta or other textiles, in conformity the general design plan of a room.

Besides, that rolled curtains do the main function – protect from light, they own feature by which a classical horizontal or vertical jalousie is deprived – they can scatter light partly. The room not so is heated in hot summer day. It is very comfortable, when to you it is necessary not only to close only a room from direct sunshine and to avoid views from house windows opposite.
Rolled curtains

Rolled curtains have a mass of advantages:
– there is a mass of flowers and designs of a material for rolled curtains. It allows to pick up that color which in a bigger measure suits your interior.
– the mechanism of a rolled curtain is very simple, therefore works reliably, is long and silently.
– by means of a rolled curtain there is a possibility to close only a part of a window aperture. For example, if the sun is highly, it is enough to lower a little only a curtain to be protected from direct sunshine which fall on the computer monitor.
– the cloth of a rolled curtain is placed vertically, it means does not collect on for itself a dust. Who faced on work or in a life a horizontal jalousie, knows – as promptly settles a dust on light ламелях.
– rolled curtains the cheapest method of modern design of a window aperture. If design curtains from salon cost about 200 c.u. on one window, the prices for rolled curtains fluctuate from 10 to 50 c.u. for a cloth. It does them not substitution at the southern windows both low budget apartments and offices, and design interiors.