Rolled curtains in a bathroom

I am glad you to create again on pages of my blog, dear readers which I, after a small break, continue messages.

So, as it is already visible from the name, I will have conversation on a bathroom. For certain, you feel a certain surprise, as a bathroom – not my specialization. But, nevertheless, in due time it was necessary to solve one small question. But because I am a specialist in the field of decorative partitions, curtains and the rest, the solution of difficulty entrusted specifically to me.

Its essence consisted in the subsequent. Yes, absolutely forgot! I wish to a descent to mention that this record from the practical point of view will be fascinating only at whom a bathroom truly the big. I emphasize, I said not "big", but "really big". As everything is relative, for someone 15 squares – not the area. And for someone 7 already there is a lot of.

Rolled curtains in a bathroom

Good possibility of use of partitions

I will tell also that I carried out these works in a bathroom, which area of 25 square meters! It agrees that it is simply big area. But the people living in the personal house, can such allow for themselves. However, that it became after planning change. In the beginning this area was distributed between a bathroom, a toilet and a small corridor which connected them together. Then the owner who has bought the house, cleaned partitions and made a uniform bathroom.

So here, it I already distract. So to speak, remembering that work. But to complete the picture – will go. The problem was in the subsequent. To think up decorative partitions which would not prevent different members of the family to be engaged in the affairs. For example, it wanted to someone to take a shower, and the bathroom is occupied – the owner in a jacuzzi goes bananas. Awkwardly, agree? And so, be a separate room, could is weakened to use a shower. Here dely I also should solve this.

Here at present I will not depict all options offered by me and other. The it is more that they need to be remembered. I will tell simply as I solved it. Everything was trivial. By means of rolled curtains. Which, besides, besides worked at automatic equipment. Bathing, shower, with a wash basin I fenced off a toilet bowl special frameworks on which hung up curtains. Came, for example, person dos to accept. Pressed the button – and opaque rolled curtains, having fallen, hid it from another’s eyes.

However, this decision demanded additional expenses. On a touch the automatic equipment. And still – on lighting devices. As over one object one lighting device was established.

If there will be questions, set. I will be glad to answer.