Elegant clothes for windows.

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Elegant "clothes" for windows.

In our market rolled curtains appeared years three back. Therefore we can safely call rolled curtains «new technology». But abroad they were thought up some decades back and since then it is considered that they connect in themselves esthetic and multipurpose properties of a window curtain more normally. (fig. 1)Elegant clothes for windows.

The main feature of act of rolled curtains same, as well as in ordinary iron ролетах – a cloth of a fabric is cleaned up, being rolled. Rolled curtains too surpass by nothing in compactness to a horizontal jalousie. But their indisputable advantage before a jalousie – integrity of a cloth and actually unlimited color palette, drawings and invoices.

In rolled curtains the mechanism of 5 types is used:

– spring (the cloth forces to be braided the spring, this mechanism can be either invariable, or an adjustable tension. The spring mechanism is irreplaceable on inclined or dormer-windows); (fig. 2)Elegant clothes for windows.

– chained (as in a vertical jalousie); (fig. 3) Elegant clothes for windows.

– the automatic – "thinking" (supplied with the program block and possibility of remote control. Conditions at which the provision of a curtain should change are brought in an aaplet: for example, to fall with haze coming, to rise to a half during the midday sun and to rise absolutely when on that party of a window it is cloudy) (fig. 4)Elegant clothes for windows.

– frame type (principle of an antimoskitny grid) (fig. 5)Elegant clothes for windows.

– cassette type (in a box). (fig. 6)Elegant clothes for windows.

The material in rolled curtains specially becomes impregnated to prevent burning out and wear process, and to find a pyleustoychivost and anti-static character. The cloth can be from a fabric and PVC; only from PVC; from fiber glass; from fiber glass and PVC (applied fiber glass is completely harmless, does not cause an allergy, it is not subject to influence of the environment and is a quite good heat insulator); from "termo-PVH", laminated by a dural foil that allows it to reflect sunshine, including the thermal. Such abundance of materials allows to choose option not only only more suitable on design and to use these curtains in the rooms subject to pollution, water and heat influence.