Repair in a drawing room

Repair in a drawing room
Repair in a drawing room – the difficult and trudozatratny process demanding many forces and time.

First of all that wish to receive upon termination of works is necessary to be caused with that sum which you can expend on repair, and. Ideas of repair too can be various: serious, European-quality repair or cosmetic. Placing values, remember that irrespective of a choice, repair should be high-quality that further it was not necessary to alter or complete anything…

The market is hammered by different products and materials for repair of rooms. It is not necessary to hurry up. Perfectly reflect that will approach in your room better. Consult to acquaintances, analyse councils and only later go to shop.

Repair in a drawing room
Be caused as well with interior design. It is possible to choose modern styles (such as a modernist style) or to classics. From what design you choose, the material of which decor elements, home decoration, a color score etc. will be made will depend.

Very essentially truly to choose a color palette. All should be harmonious and to be in uniform style.

After a choice of suitable option it is possible to go to construction shop behind purchases.

It is necessary to begin with wall-paper. Fabric wall-paper, from the French and British firms very smartly looks. Clearly, as the price of that product will be above standard wall-paper and about a result to be sorry do not awake.

Repair in a drawing room
Poklelili wall-paper? On relax! On it repair in the state muddy is not finished. Now business in furniture. Perfectly scroll in the head what specifically pieces of furniture you would wish to create at yourselves in a drawing room, cause its site, think of color. It is possible to "fasten" also to a living room a bar counter (if a place much).

Reflect as well on lighting. Well organized lighting can develop visual volume of a room. Except the main lighting there should be also lighting devices and floor lamps. It is possible to shine various zones with the separate light sources, differing design. Perfectly picked up light sources can re-embody an ordinary interior in the magnificent!

Direct attention and to decor elements. Suitable addition to an interior – unusual padded stools and small pillows. Wish comfort? Buy some rugs with geometrical drawings and lay them in various parts of a room!