Kreytserova sonata? No, culinary!

Though what person able and, the main thing, liking to cook, will say, as essentially not the bad equipment. Yes, to cook food it is possible and on a fire, but after all the plate where is more convenient, and the modern cooking panel and that is better. With such stock manufacturing of food can become realKreytserova sonata? No, culinary!
art, it is similar to creation of a piece of music.

For certain, engineers reflected on something similar from the De Dietrich company also, developing the newest model of the cooking panel with the unambiguous title of "LE PIANO". Truly, the device something remembers a musical instrument on which it is possible to play a dog waltz, and it is possible also Beethoven’s sonatas. There could be hands, and the equipment will not bring.

«LE PIANO» have no usual division of the working plane into rings – ware it is possible to arrange on though to what point of a surface, without limiting itself in movement. But how then to regulate temperature in various points? In total obmysleno, after all the main advantage of the panel are three different operating modes.
Kreytserova sonata? No, culinary!

In the Solo mode on all plane one temperature given by you is supported. Comfortably, if it is necessary to prepare some similar dishes. The Piano control will divide a working surface into three octaves, in other words, on three zones with various temperature. On one we boil water for soup, on the 2nd we fry onions, on the third – we stew meat by a dinner.

And for especially advanced culinary specialists who do not recognize any framework, there is an Expert mode. The panel will react to ware movings, and the options of capacity chosen by you will follow a pan, as if by magic.