Registration of walls…

Registration of walls...
Walls occupy the greatest place in an interior though what apartment, and their ornament "big" discrepancy becomes frequent. T as simply and promptly to refresh square meters of walls? Learn, if will read article up to the end.

More frequent mistake, in an ornament of walls people allow, trying to decorate huge places, scattering many malekhanky ornaments. It is necessary to do opposite – to concentrate attention on the central part of a wall, before everything, fill this volume with a huge subject (a picture, a decorative support, a TV set).

Registration of walls...
Not you can use huge subjects, but that everything looked esthetically – try to group them in common.

Not by all means to be spent for extraordinary works of art, it is possible to manage a gobelin a scrappy blanket, or a wall cape (all this can be got at beginning painters, or students of art offices). Make that-nibudt special, of means being near at hand, for example, paint over plywood slices monophonic color and write any word bolshenny signs – the standard of the modern art, but made already the hands will turn out.

Very beautifully contrast of color looks. The Naruzhny line should lag behind picture edge, is tried on on 10-15 see. The thickness of the drawn frame can get out is dependent on taste. Оставшеюся the part can be painted over light, or neutral tone.

Registration of walls...
Starenkye books also store in themselves potential for scenery: аккуратненько cut out and paste pages more remembered to you – it will be very beautiful.

You as can use wall-paper. Soon all prefer to ordinary wall-paper wall-paper under painting more often.

The most part of people are afraid to use very picturesque, not natural, colors in an interior of a room and in most cases prefer any neutral colors.

If you doubt that the chosen color will absolutely look on a wall, look through magazines, address to acquaintances for council, walk around salons, is can add in your acts of courage. Not to overload an interior, you can paint in artificial color only one wall or any part it.

Usual method to add a highlight – to paint a wall with strips. It is possible to use the deepest and light colors of the 1st color, for example, chocolate or to play on contrasts. For more deepest effect, make strips of different width.