Real falls of the house

I continue to speak about what unusual and entertaining things can be created, using usual bathroom equipment. In one of last records I spoke about how, having built in in a bath some mixers of the Niagara type, I made wide small falls.

But, it is far not the unique method of introduction of this mixer in the practice, differing uniqueness. I will honest tell that with emergence of that sort of mixers in our market of bathroom equipment, from completely usual things it is possible to work wonders. At what, at times also it is not required special monetary investments. Naturally, the excellent living space is the theorem. For on 5 meters the ideas described by me are difficultly for embodying in a bathroom.

It is necessary to tell that for all the immense practice I could work in different corners of the country. More precisely, in this case it would be pertinent to mention a word not to "work", and to "happen". As of what it will be a question below is only my ideas which in practice were embodied by other plumbers.

Real falls of the house

All the matter is that these ideas were born at me when I had a rest in solar France on a visit at own quite good acquaintance. Well, on the truth not to work there. And council to promote is I завсегда.

And all began with how adore to say in not bad detectives that my acquaintance complained on not originality of own bathroom. Well, vobshchy so it also was. It for us a hydromassage with a hromoterapiya – a fantasy. And there – ordinary business. Here that I also threw to it idea. However, it was necessary to it to run about with allowing documents. For this thought foresaw certain completions on the district of its site. Well, anything. But it is happy as an elephant.

In subtleties of technologies I, from your permission, will not press, for not this project was realized by me, but essence the general I will depict. Means so.

In a back wall of his house I recommended to make some cuts for ability of connection of mixers of the Niagara type. In total them was about 5. Mixers were from the earth at significant distance – about a meter. Then about the house good such pole 2 on 2 meters was dug. The pole from all sides was processed by concrete, laid out by a tile.

Also the sewer drain was brought to it. I will tell to a descent – it was not simple. But it is nevertheless realized. Makary, the fine bath in the open air left such. Also round it the glass dome which walls, as required, were locked by a curtain from within was constructed.

And what? In France where also in the winter greens it is normal.

Yes, almost did not forget. Beauty that all in real highest falls.