Plaster decor in the apartment

Repair at us in the apartment is not finished yet, but very much hunting повытрепываться by furors and as it seems to me, successful and fascinating decisions. Conversation will go about application of decorative plaster eaves and the ceiling socket for ceiling scenery. Plaster decor in the apartment
In our apartment height of rooms of 3,5 meters. Thanks to it it is possible to make hinged ceilings in all rooms. But to do a hinged ceiling in all rooms there was no need. And here in kitchen and in a corridor it was necessary to hide air lines. Therefore there hinged ceilings also were made. Hinged ceilings were made of gypsum cardboard. But even after the device of hinged ceilings the height of rooms remained sufficient for this purpose that it was possible to apply plaster eaves on all perimeter of these rooms. But because we long since were going to use a plaster decor, did not decide to postpone more and at a complete repair of the apartment it to apply. Plaster decor in the apartment
Without the aid of others to do a plaster decor we did not venture. It is difficult on technology, it is unprofitable on time, there is no suitable equipment and is necessary though a certain skill in such works. And it would be desirable, that left perfectly. Therefore decided to apply as decorative eaves ready decorative plaster elements of eaves, and on a place only to strengthen to a ceiling and to connect them between itself. The offer of ready decorative plaster eaves rather huge both on dimensions, and on drawing on it. At a choice essentially not to be mistaken with eaves dimensions. That, already attached to a ceiling, it was in proportion entered in room dimensions. Plaster decor in the apartment
That seams between decorative plaster elements of eaves were not visible, it is necessary аккуратненько and densely to do an adjunction of the 1st element of eaves to another. And after all eaves are attached to a ceiling these seams it will be necessary аккуратненько to close up special substance. As at an apportion of decorative plaster parts of eaves it is necessary to consider a sketch. Therefore will truly start to do an apportion of plaster decorative eaves from the center of a room and to go to corners. At that apportion of parts of eaves, corners indoors turn out are executed on drawing symmetrically. On a ceiling, in a place where the chandelier will fasten, we were going to make the decorative plaster socket, which as well as eaves applied the ready. We needed to attach it to a ceiling only. Because design of these rooms as vobshchy and design of all apartment it is decided to execute with the Classics style, that, I think, application of a plaster decor completely pertinently.