Prestigious stickers in an interior.

Prestigious stickers in an interior.

Far not always that during the real moment is on a popularity crest, or fashions, it is possible to call the stylish. During an era of a socialism, some time ago and later, for this purpose, to change the bored view of "nursery" invited the designer – the set dresser and it, for earlier having developed a sketch, painted walls. As plots for nurseries fantastic subjects, for kitchen rooms something neutral, for example – a decorative border usually served. That order expensively cost expensive and then very much costs at present though paints and fell in price. It is a lot of synthetic acryles and винилов, allowing to decorate though what room.

At the height of fashion at present wall translated drawings – a quick and cheap method to give to room walls a type of similarity of the drawn frescos. At a fluent look of eyes of the person it is deceived and fondly considers that it is handwork. It will be a look of the petty bourgeois, and the person with narrow taste and subject understanding promptly distinguishes falsification.

One moment that it is possible to choose between being self-pasted pictures and pasted translated pictures can amuse the stylist.Prestigious stickers in an interior.

Let’s make out the 1st option. Being self-pasted drawings are replaceable. If them truly to place on a smooth, pure surface of a wall or furniture, then it will be possible to remove them. They are made of vinyl or the pardoned paper for the purpose of long use. You can be convinced that remove during necessary time these drawings if for earlier will take care of surface check on a roughness. Well and voobshchy as drevny wisdom speaks – «Seven times measure, one cut off». It will be better, if you spend excessive 15 minutes for making sure of ideal smoothness of a wall, than will tear 40 minutes later on for yourself hair, tearing off a picture. Your heart will calm down what to separate a sticker to you will surely have the luck.Prestigious stickers in an interior.

Let’s make out the 2nd option. Pasted wall-paper is the drawings covered with vinyl which remind itself specifically wall-paper, but it is simpler to look after them and they do not demand additional cuttings and other manipulations. It is necessary to moisten with the humidified sponge either translated wall-paper, or a surface to make active glue. It is possible to glue anywhere though on the lamp shade – the option «a la a decoupage», on the refrigerator, on a wall, everywhere where will recommend your imagination. To hold in the head follows only about one – to unstick without consequences these drawings to you it is necessary them very laboriously омочить before, than will start to tear off them from a case or wall surface.

All material is stated with a big shred of dramatic character. Perhaps, that there are also neutral on color, also on quality of a portrayal options, only to the founder those articles did not meet. Therefore nevertheless reflect well that prompt change of "scenery" – not is guarantee of quite good mood in the forthcoming. But, as option of a working material for quick dressing of rooms it was necessary to make out a prestigious trend.