Posters in an interior – substitution of pictures.

Posters in an interior - substitution of pictures.

Era of a miniatyurizm and thrift dictates the conditions in interior dressing. All hunting to live in the cozy, fine apartment and to expend on its decor a minimum of means and forces. Repair – business of long, serious, power-intensive and demanding sufficient currency injections. It is possible to go оковём smaller resistance and to make even not face lifting, and to enter new cheap, or to change the starenky – «making callous an eye» elements.

The picture, or fine gobelin from the known artist in an interior looks remarkably. In particular, if the set dresser, or the owner of the apartment perfectly understands styles that let’s to it advantages not to hang up a copy «Morning in pine to pine forest» in an interior «a la baroque». Designers offered very quite good option for design of walls of housing quiveringly loved by you by means of posters.

All new – perfectly forgotten old. In the 30th years America already offered PinUp style when on walls beauties very glamour» and film stars hung «, but it looked very "lubochno" and sickly-sweet.

By definition a poster – huge, or not so huge image bearing in some visual idea – an image. It use more often at registration of cafe, a bistro, offices and in premises registration the poster will manage to play a role of profitable accent.

The plot can be though what absolutely: the photo of animals, the nature, fine collages, kids, everything that can be entered in the general concept of design of your interior and take up attention of the looking.

How to print a poster? Technological options of production of posters a little: the press on a dense photocardboard, the press on a canvas (picture imitation) and the press on the photographic paper simulating a canvas. The image printed on photographic paper is possible заламинировать, or to place under glass. For more long-term use it is possible as to arrive and with other variations of the press. Small posters you completely can make houses, but for production of huge images it is useful is sharp on a professional large-format plotter. It is necessary to resemble in a printing workshop which is at present actually in any small town. It will not cost expensive to you.

In coming you can hang out a poster or in a "pure" look, or using various decorative accessories: framework, baguette, to the passport. In a minimalist interior, or a room in hi-tech style the poster will absolutely change a picture. Even will look more organically.

Posters in an interior - substitution of pictures.

The picture a priori dictates style of an interior if it darling to you it presented, or you caught it for significant means. And in a case with a poster a situation directly return. Essentially to go from an image subject, and you will feel that it is specifically necessary to rearrange, stick, get from time to time very cheap vase that everything though you changed nothing exchanged.

How it is more profitable to arrange a poster? Big images (1х1 meters and it are more) profitably look, when to them is assigned a part the soloist at a wall. Small posters it is possible to arrange group, for earlier having been in harmony them on a color palette and style. Remember that the color score of a poster should emphasize interior stylistics, instead of argue with it. Subjects of posters too follows обмыслить in the beginning: the drawing room in Hollywood style asks a black-and-white poster with the star of a mute sinematograf, and here for the nursery and the lovely doggie will be good addition.

Quite good taste does not ask many means, it needs careful work on and the habits.