Plaster stucco molding

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Someone has dachas (small houses, boxesPlaster stucco molding
from trucks etc.), at someone country houses, at someone cottages. And here what decision the 1st had not the poor person from Ukraine.

When that, I happened in these colourful places, and had honor to work in a brigade of young professionals which participated in construction and an upclassing of this lodge. About construction I will not write, as on Plaster stucco molding
it the lot of time will leave, and it was under construction more than 10 years. My story will go about internal furnish, not in details, and in general. What to clear some questions concerning furnish of this log hut.

As we contemplate, it is a natural stucco molding from plaster, it made here by means of silicone (эластоформ). As did forms by means of compounds KLT-30, KL-4 and polyurethane.Plaster stucco molding

As well as that to what to connect, I will not depict, as all this is in instructions on application. To work with polyurethane to me it was pleasant most of all as much more a bister the form, from 1 hour to 12 dries. Plus that the form remains quite flexible and elastic. We took a suitable part of a stucco molding (there were standards ready) and under it did a form of a particleboard. Filled in watery composition of polyurethane and all later. The main thing what truly our stucco molding to put in preparation. When the form is ready, it we take out from a particleboard and we establish on a table. Plaster stucco molding
We knead plaster, it is necessary to do everything promptly, on another it will harden, and later though with a bucket throw out. We take solution of plaster and we pour out in a form. Superfluous that is beyond a form, we clean a shpatel. I advise to use A.Ochen skoro’s Duramould ET 30A, Por-A-Mold SX, ET 60 polyurethane A, ET 45A, ET 60 plaster dries. Practically, what hour if a big form, for small, on kg – two, even less time is possible. As our form flexible, it is simple for removing from a product, simply аккуратненько it is necessary to do everything. And so, our stucco molding Plaster stucco molding
is ready, products clean an emery paper if there is a need, on the back party put jags for the best hitch with a ceiling, a wall. A wall too prepare, should be nezapyatanny, progruntovany. When everything is ready, we fix a stucco molding in a suitable part of a ceiling by means of special glue, glue as a rule, put on a product, instead of on a wall. We press, and promptly we delete with a shpatel the glue remains. If the stucco molding has precisely weight and dimensions, we fix in addition on дюбель nails (later simply places of a fixing element we cover with plaster). When at Plaster stucco molding
us suitable Plaster stucco molding
work is executed, with a ready ceiling it is possible to do anything in respect of painting and the forthcoming design. You will laugh, but I learned this business at one Uzbeks. They were tremendous specialists in this part.