Picturesque lighting devices – the hands.

Without looking at that in the market of lighting devices it is possible to meet a stately large quantity of versions of lighting devices – on former the lighting devices made by the hands, are appreciated even above because bear unusual idea and a personal idea of the founder.

For a successful embodiment – follows aspires to simplicity and convenience of a design, the mechanical part actually is always similar, it is the boss with a lamp attached to a support and an electronic wire.

Specifically top obverse part – a plafond or the lamp shade has distinction.

As well as in any business, creative process – a solving element of the termination of a design, it is necessary to make a start from your interior design and taste of beauty.

Here some fascinating options:

Picturesque lighting devices - the hands.

On the first image the highest part of the air lighting device consists of a wire framework of a cubic form on which the fabric (in this option – silk is tense) where the effect of folds is reached at the expense of that – that the fabric is sewed the bigger suitable size and moderately distributed by folds.

Picturesque lighting devices - the hands.

On the second image at wall lighting devices the case from very dense cardboard not passing light, from within it is painted by silver paint – for the best reflection and the smallest heating, at all this for illumination some figured cuts are used.

Picturesque lighting devices - the hands.

The 3rd lighting device is very simple in manufacturing, its cardboard case is cut absolutely up with effects of cracks or branches, and the internal part consists of an ordinary tracing-paper.

Picturesque lighting devices - the hands.

With a chandelier on the fourth image it is necessary will work, without looking at that – that the design is ordinary, it is necessary to attach to a huge number of cardboard butterflies on a piece of lead for firmness, and they fasten to the round basis an ordinary scaffold. Such chandelier very much will be suitable for a nursery.

Picturesque lighting devices - the hands.

For creation of the unusual lighting device as on the 5th image – it is necessary to be trained a little in art of "origami" because the plafond consists of a longish integral leaf of strong paper.

How many you would not find thoughts for creation of own lighting device, it is necessary to bring a part from yourself then it will always shine your interior bringing with itself a comfort droplet.