Pictures on walls

Not so long since in one of own publications I depicted, as it would be possible to make apartment walls more unique, an installation method in their fine stained-glass window. In this note I will continue to say walls and how them to decorate.

So, as I noticed, quite many people adore to hang up in own houses of a picture. And almost always it is the nature or architecture. Such love to painting is completely justified, as pictures affect people in a weakening way. Try to see after labor day in an extent at least 5-10 minutes a wood landscape. I think, you will be happy with the acquired result.

I suggest to do such pictures of glass. But unusually professional master in vitrazhny questions that the picture looked truly perfectly should work, and there were no mistakes.

Pictures on walls

Development of production of that sort of glass pictures the subsequent. By the way, it is a little similar to that what is described by pair of notes below. Similarity consists in that, as there, and here the glass picture will be strangled in a wall. However, to hollow out a wall completely it will not be necessary.

To begin work on a picture it is necessary after final plaster dried and walls are ready to finishing furnish, for example, to painting. In that place, the same area what will be a glass picture, we hollow out deepening. Depth should be equated to thickness of 2 glasses and plus of some more mm for furnish.

Then we put a wall in order and we cover with snow-white paint. The paint type, in general, has no value. Then we paste самоклеющуюся from 2 parties a tape. The it will be more extensive, the will be seams less and it will be more attractive by that.

Now picture installation begins. As glue dries unusually promptly, it will be even better, if you for earlier combine a picture on a table or an oilcloth and it will be near a wall. The person should lay out promptly pieces of glass on a film while glutinous ability will not be lost.

If there is a lot of slices, some people let work. It is necessary to begin from below. So there are more than guarantees, that work will be executed greatly.

After the stained-glass window will be laid out, I recommend to you to cover it with a similar film from above. And over it to put snow-white glass.

Forgot to tell. It will be pertinent, if the area hollowed in a wall, from each party will be on centimeter more. It becomes for this purpose to execute later a wood fringing (such as a frame). So essentially it is more beautiful.

When on such picture the sun will fall, the effect will be inexpressible.