Paris in your windows!

How we choose apartments? Quadrature, planning, quantity of rooms and, of course, view from the window. The statistics specifies that many people to the last factor give even more attention, if to all to the rests. There are people who are ready to be reconciled with improper it planning or other parameter provided that from a window the fine view of the city will reveal.

But, to chagrin, in each small town in the middle of a large quantity of apartments the very few can повытрепываться opening views from windows. In most cases windows leave in a yard, or on the carriageway, or voobshchy rest against windows of other house.

If it is honest, about all this, I even somehow did not think. Did not face yet one client. It found the fine apartment according to all characteristics, except the 1st. And, as you already guessed, except a fine view from the window.

Paris in your windows!

And mountains that – nakleyany

It was offered to me to think up that-nibudt to clean this defect. But, what it was possible to think up in this case? Roleta, and other it tore away curtains. Said that the such and itself can think up. That, in general, reasonably.

Nevertheless, despite of all complexity of a problem, I nevertheless managed to embody it. On correct idea me наткнул a campaign with the companion on repair shops where I saw photowall-paper simulating a three-dimensional picture.

Having come back home, I rummaged in a web in search of a photo of interiors and was delighted result. Naturally, can be here and there and there was a photomontage, but it any more so essentially.

I also offered it to the person as option. However, I altered some it. The essence consisted in that wall-paper to glue not on the plane, and on volume. In other words, it was supposed to stick with them a parallelepiped, one of which parties is the window. Other parties are created by means of a glass box.

As it to make – here already only flight of your imagination. It can be a cast box, there can be sun blind raspashny or otkatny etc. That box, obviously, from the outer side fastens.

It is necessary to stick the party, return to a window, also two vertical. Horizontal it is necessary to throw for this purpose that light got.

Half-day of careful work and from the 1st window of own apartment you see the Colosseum, from another – the Eiffel Tower, from the third – though the woods of Indonesia! And it not in very big harm to room light.