Original abundance

Original abundance
Without what subjects of a situation it is impossible to present for itself a bathroom. Obviously, it is a bath, a shower, a sink… But except bodies still there are also various small attributes without which the morning toilet of the modern person as is impracticable.

Yes, speech about mirrors will go. And the last prestigious trend – round reflecting surfaces which come to replacement to usual rectangular and square mirrors and look on comparison to them is fresher and it is original.

So, the Hastings company represents very attractive model. Usual, but the stylish mirror without a frame is decorated with a magnificent flower decor. Original abundance
The similar elegant engraving in particular will be pleasant to ladies. Options with the integrated illumination are fascinating also, thus light sources it is possible to arrange so that they will be a decor. An example – «Moon River» mirror from the same company.

It is very comfortable and convenient, Original abundance
when the mirror is combined with a locker for various trifles. By the way, mirror glass on a door is absolutely unessential to have, it can be attached to a back wall of a case in which facade the opening of a respective form is done. Such decision will protect a mirror from excessive splashes. The Marathi model again from the Hastings company you can watch on a photo.

It is possible to vary a serious type of a locker on another how it was made by the Keuco company. Here the mirror door does not swing open, and moves aside that saves up a place and perfectly is suitable for malekhanky bathrooms.