Ordinary methods to decorate interior…

Dressing of an interior pertinently as for the new house after repair and alteration, and for introduction something the housing freshest in already available usual style. The decor, usually, does not ask severe works and re-planning. It can be emergence only pairs of subjects. And in this article, we will disassemble three most usual methods of dressing of an interior of the apartment.

Ordinary methods to decorate interior...
1. Dressing by means of small models of the ships. The model of a sailing vessel will give a fascinating range to your house. The decorative ship, it is dependent on color of a tree and sails, will be suitable as an element for many styles of an interior: it will successfully be entered in decent Traditional style, will go to the Expressionism, in the form of an exotic night lamp, it will be completely harmonious in a wood Country, and to a rich Empire style will give to bigger luxury.

2. Built-in lighting devices. One of the most usual methods to make successful, harmonious and unique interior. Many of us got used that the chandelier weighs on a ceiling, the sconce is hung up on a wall, and the floor lamp is located in a corner. But design art all the time develops and uses not only only tested developments, but also and new design decisions.

Ordinary methods to decorate interior...
Built-in lighting devices are established practically in any surface, from a ceiling – to a floor, and even in furniture. They incorporate to a surface and allow to give to a usual room an unusual look.

Very quite often built in lighting devices are used, if indoors there are hinged ceilings.

Applying built-in lighting devices, it is possible to reach unique lighting effects at which the surface, remains not touched, but at the same time the room is perfectly shined.

3. Effect of transparency. Usual method to give to your walls light. Absolutely will approach, if вырешили to issue the apartment in ancient style.

For dressing it is useful to you: lisserovochny paint (which it is possible to prepare promptly without the aid of others), flat wide, барсучья a brush and a woolen rag.

Ordinary methods to decorate interior...
The effect of transparency assumes drawing of ornaments on walls. Any serious framework is not present, to you not by all means even to be able отрисовывать, the composition of paint such that she will dry and will create own structure a pattern.

Not by all means to paint over all wall, allocate any elements and paint over only them, such makary, you will create unique style and will give to the apartment originality.