Installation of eaves

Installation of eaves of
Choosing eaves for curtains and curtains, take into consideration forms and the sizes of a window, fabric density, style of an interior, the size of a room.

The most part of profile and shtangovy eaves are on sale in sets "all inclusive" for independent assembly. The expert should mount difficult iron eaves.

Flexible eaves are suitable for a bay window — reaching acting edges, or a bending-around bay window. Sharp windings should be avoided, that begunka or rings could slide simply freely on eaves. Types of profile eaves, before installation it is necessary to soften a part in warm water.

Installation of shtangovy and profile eaves

Installation of eaves of
Eaves, in most cases strengthen on a wall over window, in 7-10 cm from a window frame. To natural light, for the best illumination of a room, eaves should enter along the edges on 15-40 cm from window edge. To make a window is more harmonous", place eaves it is sensitive above a window frame.

Eaves fastening on a window frame is used, on the parties a window very narrow, and you wish to hang curtains of average or easy density.

Eaves strengthen on a ceiling, if a window the highest. Eaves in this case strengthen to ceiling edge arms. Upon eaves purchase, check, whether fastenings are suitable for your window.

Installation of profile and shtangovy eaves.

Installation of eaves of
Installation of small eaves becomes arms from 2 parties. Longish eaves (more than 1,5 meters), demand in addition next arm, on very longish eaves through each meter is established on an additional arm. For polozkovy eaves establish fastenings through everyone 10 see.

For installation of eaves define width of a window. add to it 15-40 cm from each party that the curtain could be displaced. Buy profile or shtangovy eaves. Then аккуратненько cut off the wood or plastic end of eaves.

Put an arm to a wall on suitable height and plan places for fastening саморезов.

Mark by means of spirit level situation саморезов on a return site of a window. For eaves of big length plan a place of fastening of additional fastenings.

By means of a drill and an electrodrill drill openings. Thrust in their jams and attach an arm on саморезы.

For the end of profile or shtangovy eaves strengthen the 1st tip, put on accessories (rings or begunka). Having ended, establish the 2nd tip. Strengthen eaves on fastenings.